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REE and Iochpe-Maxion to develop modular EV wheel and chassis designs

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REE Automotive and Iochpe-Maxion have announced a partnership to co-develop and manufacture an exclusive wheel design and chassis solution for REE’s corner modules and EV platform.

The REEcorner integrates all drivetrain, powertrain, suspension and steering components into the arch of the wheel, facilitating the REEboard, a flat and modular electric chassis. The REE platform provides customers full design freedom to create the broadest range of EVs.

REE says that its resulting EV platform will weigh less and have more free space for alternative propulsion sources.

“Partnering with Maxion was the clear choice for us given its advanced technical capabilities and global presence,” said REE VP Tali Miller Levin. “We are delighted to add Maxion to our exclusive production network of top Tier 1 partners, which fortifies the market leadership of REE by leveraging Maxion’s existing wheel and chassis capabilities for our REEboard production demands.”

“Collaborating with REE showcases Maxion’s mission to connect our current business with OEMs and advanced mobility players,” said Maxion Global Director Saul Reichman. “Our work with REE to innovate a new type of wheel and chassis creates the opportunity to further diversify both our product portfolio and customer base.”

Source: REE

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