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Tesla China Model 3 gets new Model Y-style interior with heated steering wheel

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The Tesla China Model 3 configurator was updated to feature new design elements found in the recently announced Giga Shanghai-produced Model Y. These include an updated interior as well as new features like a heated steering wheel for the Model 3 Performance.

A Gigafactory Shanghai-made Model 3 Dual Motor AWD Performance purchase comes with the racing kit which includes:

  • 19” zero-gravity high-performance wheels
  • Advanced braking device, carbon fiber spoiler
  • Lower suspension,
  • Aluminum pedals
  • Track Mode
  • A top speed of 261 km/hr (~162mph)

The racing kit comes in addition to features included in the MIC Model 3 SR Plus RWD kit, such as heated front seats, premium seat material and trim, upgraded audio system with immersive sound, and a center console with 4 USB ports and wireless chargers. However, the Model 3 Performance also features upgrades like the following:

  • Heated steering wheel
  • An advanced sound system with 14 speakers, 1 subwoofer, 2 amplifiers
  • LED fog lights
  • Interior atmosphere lights.

The local made-in-China Tesla Model 3 configurator states that the price of the Standard Range Plus RWD variant starts at ¥249,900 ($38,251.95) or ¥ 192,400 ($29,450.48) after estimated savings.

The Model 3 SR Plus RWD qualifies for local subsidies. The locally-produced Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor AWD Performance variant costs ¥ 339,900 ($52,028.16) or ¥ 282,400 ($43,226.69)  after estimated savings.

(Credit: Tesla China)

Tesla China announced the official updated prices of the local Model Y recently as well. The MIC Model Y, made in Giga Shanghai, features unique design elements in its interior, such as an updated door design and a center console similar to the one introduced in the Model 3 “refresh” back in October in the United States.

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