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Russian nuclear company ROSATOM enters EV battery market

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Russian nuclear technology company ROSATOM has entered the energy storage market. Subsidiary RENERA will develop modular lithium-ion traction batteries for EVs, as well as energy storage systems for emergency power, renewable energy and load shifting.

The company’s current portfolio includes more than 120 ongoing and completed projects to supply Li-ion batteries. A number of contracts have been implemented to modernize logistics EVs, as well as equipping substation DC systems and uninterrupted power supply systems with energy storage devices.

“We offer a comprehensive solution for our customers, from a feasibility study to the installation of equipment and post-warranty service,” said RENERA’s Director General Emin Askerov. “We are committed to comply with individual customer requirements for technical specifications and offer flexible commercial conditions. We already accomplish projects under a rent scheme and plan to start leasing and life-cycle agreements.”


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