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Soteria licenses battery tech designed to eliminate thermal runaway

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Soteria Battery Innovation Group has exclusively licensed and optioned a technology developed by the DOE’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) designed to eliminate thermal runaway in Li-ion batteries due to mechanical damage. The technology complements Soteria’s existing battery safety technology.

Soteria Battery Innovation Group is a technology development and licensing company that has formed a consortium to promote a light, safe and cost-effective architecture for Li-ion batteries.

The licensed technology is for electrodes and foils that are designed to break in a pre-defined geometry when the battery is physically damaged, effectively isolating the damaged part. Soteria says this can minimize the associated generated heat and avoid thermal runaway, or uncontrolled increasing temperature, thus rendering the battery safe.

“This technology can dramatically improve battery safety upon mechanical, thermal and electrical damage,” said ORNL Principle Investigator Jianlin Li. “This can simplify battery design and lead to higher energy density and lower cost.”

Source: Soteria

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