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Mersen Fischerlink’s low-inductance busbar/capacitor assembly for SiC DC-link

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Mersen has introduced a new capacitor and busbar sub-assembly, called Fischerlink 2.0. Traditionally, capacitors are connected to busbars by screw or solder connections, which may cause increased inductance in the sub-assembly. Mersen’s Fischerlink 2.0 uses laser welding to connect capacitor terminals to busbars, which the company says improves the overall performance of the assembly and reduces its footprint.

According to Mersen, laser-welding the connections to busbars has several advantages compared to traditional screw or solder mounting methods:

  • Laser welding reduces inductance and increases capacitance. The capacitance per volume can be increased by up to 20%.
  • The assembly is done entirely by Mersen.
  • The sub-assembly of the capacitors and busbar are rolled into one single part number, offering additional savings in administrative costs.

Source: Mersen

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