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Mersen introduces Infini-Cell battery assembly solutions

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Mersen, a specialist in thermal management, overcurrent protection devices and laminated monitoring bus bars, and F & K DELVOTEC, a designer of laser bonding equipment and processes, have joined forces to create Infini-Cell, a new  solution to support 21700 series battery assembly systems.

F & K DELVOTEC says its laser bonder interface guarantees a high-speed, safe, robust and efficient connection of the battery cells to the laminated bus bar, more than four times faster than conventional wire/ribbon insertion and welding. The laminated bus bar is an ultra-thin single layer with interleaved contacts. The “smart” bus bar not only powers the battery cells but also monitors temperature and voltage of battery cells as needed. To protect the battery assembly from over-currents, a special low-power-loss/high-cycling DC-rated fuse is installed. The battery assembly is then secured onto a compact (7 mm thick) liquid-cooled cold plate, providing homogeneous cooling to all battery cells.

Source: Mersen

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