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Want to ride a Fat BABE? Luna introduces new belt-drive electric bike

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Luna Cycle, a southern California-based electric bicycle company, has always shucked conformity while marching to the beat of their own drummer. That has certainly helped them pump out some pretty impressive and unique new electric bicycles, but has also seen them develop a reputation as a bit more of an adult-oriented electric bike company, if you catch my drift. And the company’s newest offering, the Fat BABE electric bike, seems to fit Luna’s style like a glove on both accounts.

The Luna Fat BABE electric bike is a fat tire e-bike featuring a Gates Carbon Belt Drive system.

In fact, that’s where the name comes from. However, I have a sneaky suspicion that BABE (Bad Ass Belt Ebike) is more of a backcronym than an acronym.

Anyway you slice it though, the Luna Fat BABE comes stock with an impressive array of parts.

That fancy Gates belt drive system is paired to a Bafang M600 mid-drive motor. It’s not quite as high power as the infamous Bafang Ultra motor, but it still crushes any standard Bosch or Brose motor on the dyno. The standard version shipped by Luna offers around 800 W of power and 120 Nm of torque. But Luna also plans to offer a Ludicrous Mode upgrade that can bump that power closer to the 1.5 kW realm.

And unlike most mid-drive electric bikes, the Luna Fat BABE includes a hand throttle to regulate speed, in addition to standard pedal assist. Luna doesn’t list a top speed for the Luna Fat BABE, but you should expect it to hit Class 3 speeds like most of Luna’s bikes.

luna fat babe ebike

luna fat babe ebike

The business end of the Gates belt drive system powers a 5 speed Sturmey Archer RSX-RK5 internally geared hub.

To handle bumpy beach riding, the bike offers a high end RockShox Bluto fork – that’s a nearly $700 fork by itself.

Add in the other expensive components like the 4-piston e725 Dorado hydraulic disc brakes, the fully-integrated 650 Wh battery and the 4-inch Maxxis fat tires, and this is shaping up into a very nicely outfitted fat tire e-bike.

And while the $2,750 pre-order price (shipping starts later this month) is certainly going to sting compared to cheap fat tire e-bikes on Amazon, it’s actually a pretty good deal when you consider the component list. It’s rare to see any e-bike with a Gates belt drive system sold for under $4,000. Then when you add in the high quality suspension fork, 4-piston juice brakes, integrated battery and high power motor, the price suddenly becomes quite reasonable for what you’re getting.

Just remember to add on a warranty plan if you’d some extra peace of mind. That’s part of Luna’s “we do things different” MO that I mentioned earlier. Warranties cost extra, to the tune of $250 for a 6-month warranty or $500 for a 1-year warranty.

But if you want a high end e-bike with the power and components of a light electric motorbike, jumping on a Fat BABE could be a good way to start.

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