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McLaren’s $2.1 million supercar

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All Speedtails have already been reserved. Prices start around $2.1 million.

McLaren Automotive’s next step in its push for electrification is its most extreme vehicle yet.

The Speedtail, a 1,035-hp gasoline-electric hybrid pays homage in many ways to the iconic F1 of the 1990s.

First is the seating configuration. Inside the teardrop-shaped cockpit are three carbon-fiber seats — one in the center for the driver, flanked by two set slightly rearward for passengers. The F1 was similarly arranged.

Next is the scarcity: Just 106 are planned for production. The number is significant: that’s how many F1s were sold.

All Speedtails have already been reserved. Prices start around $2.1 million, and deliveries from McLaren’s production center in Woking, England, should begin early in 2020, the automaker said.

Due to the seating layout, as well as high-definition digital cameras in lieu of door mirrors — features that don’t comply with U.S. safety regulations — a McLaren spokesman said each Speedtail will have to be imported individually under a “Show or Display” rule that limits driving on public roads to no more than 2,500 miles annually.

About one-third of the Speedtails are headed for North America, the spokesman said.


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