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Has the conversation on sexism changed? Take our new survey

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Last year, we published a project looking at sexism in the auto industry, and now we’d like to see whether the conversation has changed.

We here at Automotive News have received a lot of feedback in the year since Project XX was published, from women and men in the industry who say they were relieved to have an opening to talk frankly about sexism and workplace issues. We’ve met many people at events who took the survey, and we’d love to hear from those of you we didn’t get to talk to in person.

Last year’s survey was aided by researchers from a project called the Elephant in the Valley, which surveyed women in Silicon Valley to find out how gender issues have affected their work. This year’s survey is intended to see whether anything has changed.

Like last year, this survey is anonymous, but there is a link at the end to share contact information if you’re willing to talk to a reporter.

We encourage you to take the survey before Nov. 4 at

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